Getting digital in Govan

DigiMeets and Mhor

We’ve been watching the brilliant digital participation stuff happening in Govan for a long time now and we’ve been really keen to get involved. And so we’re dead excited to say that we’re joining the Govan gang at last (albeit remotely, Covid-style)

Through Covid19, the local community response to address digital inequality in Govan has been phenomenal. Govan Housing Association was one of the very first partners to offer support to the Connecting Scotland pilot and acted as the most awesome of guinea pigs, sharing ideas, experiences, and expertise which has ultimately helped shape the project moving forward.

Third sector organisations in the local area have gone above and beyond to build digital inclusion work into existing community resilience work. Staff from the Digital Hub lept into action, securing, setting up and delivering devices to people that needed them most.

Partners such as Unlock Employment provided top-notch digital skills support to help people get online to look for work. The community inclusion team worked hard to make sure that people could use new devices to stay in touch with local help, such as food and prescription deliveries for those shielding, and even just to chat to family and friends so they felt less isolated.

And now, thanks to financial support from the Emergency Funding Group, Mhor Collective is joining in the action and we’re ready to work as hard as we can, and as fast as we can, to make sure we’re useful.

We’re going to be working with this team in two different ways.

Firstly, we’re going to be delivering a series of DigiMeets, offering a regular meetup space to share and develop learning around digital champion work in the local area. DigiMeets will also be the forum to think collectively and strategically about a local digital inclusion plan: there are so many incredible local partners doing such great stuff that we hope to pull it all together, and identify and fill any gaps.

Secondly, we have a Digital Learning co-ordinator who will provide remote support for those folk who have received a device through the Govan Lending Library, complimenting the local face-to-face work offered in the local community by the team at Glasgow Life and others.

It’s all a work in progress, a fab pinch-punch-start-of-the-month for September. It’s exciting, and we’re ready to try our hardest.