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Having worked extensively with Scottish Union Learning over the years, supporting trade union workers in developing basic digital skills, Mhor Collective was delighted to be asked to design and deliver two workshops on Cyber Resilience at the 2017 Highlands and Islands Scottish Union Learning Conference.

The theme of the 2017 conference was ‘Generations Working and Learning Together’, and reflected extensively on developing skills for the future with work based learning. The Digital Unions strand of work within Scottish Union Learning, which addresses the development of digital skills in the workplace, is of particular relevance to the partnership with Mhor Collective.

Mhor Collective offered two workshops at the conference, with 35 participants, comprising of Union Learning Reps, Union Staff and Trade Union Members. The workshops aimed to support participants to become more confident in managing online risk and also in considering how to share their learning with other Union learners. In particular, the workshops focussed on:

  • Managing and understanding risk
  • Protecting your identity online
  • Tips and tricks to help keep your wider family safe online
  • Buying safely online
  • Protecting against online threats
  • Finding other sources to learn more about staying cyber safe

The workshops used a ‘hands-on’ approach, with facilitated use of Android tablet devices for all participants, which also ensured a development of technical digital skills. As well as online, interactive quizzes created by Mhor Collective, participants engaged in group discussion and peer learning around risk management. As well as improving their own understanding of cyber resilience, the training also provided the opportunity for participants appreciate the fears that some of their own learners who are unfamiliar with digital technology can have, and to learn hints and tips for helping to overcome those fears.  It also helped staff understand the impact of digital exclusion on those who are already facing multiple social exclusions.

Eleanor Adam, Development Officer for Scottish Union Learning in the Highlands & Islands, was delighted with the workshops: ‘We were really pleased to have Mhor Collective offering workshops at the conference – having worked with the team before, we could be confident in their approachable and engaging style. Feedback afterwards was incredibly positive, and we look forward to working with them again on cyber resilience.’