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The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) has been delivering high quality, professional educational projects across Scotland for over a decade.  Mhor Collective were very happy to be invited to be delivery partner for their renowned Women @ Work project across the Highland region.

The Women @ Work project aims to dismantle barriers caused by rural isolation, poverty and inequality, and to give women a voice in the home, at work and in the community.  Mhor Collective were tasked with co-ordinating and delivering the digital participation aspects of the project.   This included creating a range of digital workshops, arranging suitable venues and delivering in four locations across Highland over a four week period in Spring 2017.

Mhor Collective created bespoke workshops for the groups.  The workshops covered a raft of confidence building digital activities, including creating LinkedIn accounts, using digital communication tools (Skype/Facetime/, creating Twitter accounts and learning to stay safe while using all these tools.

The women attending the training had a range of backgrounds; some returning to work, some looking to build their confidence and some looking to develop new skills for personal and employability reasons.  In all, over the month-long period of activity, 25 women attended and they all completed their training  with a much stronger understanding of which digital tools work for them and how to best to use them.  One participant, who had previously been unable to use email or communication tools, left the course with the knowledge and ability to Skype her family abroad whilst others were confidently using Twitter for both work and personal use.

Lorraine Thompson, Women @ Work project coordinator, commented: “Mhor Collective made perfect partners for the WEA Women @ Work project.  They understood our needs and, more importantly, the needs of our learners.  I was particularly pleased that the workshops were delivered in a responsive way and not run to script.  During the period of a short, four-week course, our learners went from fear of technology to confidently setting up Skype meetings.”  Learner feedback was also very positive with many commenting on the “friendly and informative manner” as well as the “patience and understanding”’’.