What We Do


This isn’t just training

We work hard to understand the people you stand alongside, and value lived expertise. We also work to understand your own organisation, and the wider systems and external factors which impact on the work you do.

We keep up to date with, and contribute to, the latest emerging research in this space, and bring with us our years of experience.


A service you actually need

There is no ‘one size fits all’: we co-design the service and training with insights from you, your team, and from the people you stand alongside, to ensure it’s exactly what’s needed. We also work dynamically : things can often change as we move through our work, and we’re always open to changing with you.


Working with frontline staff, volunteers and also directly to people who need support.

Online, in real life, one to one, or in active groups. Wherever and however we work, we want our training and support, led by a well-experienced and committed team, to be insightful, interactive, informative and to really empower people to make positive change. We also use shared learning from these spaces to inform your work going forward.

Listen & Learn


We use evaluation to listen and learn from our work together, bringing everyone’s voice into that reflection, and we work to help you plan clear next steps. We also use your amazing insights to support and strengthen the next organisation we work with, because addressing digital inequality is a shared responsibility and we all have a part to play.